Our Story

Silkie is Estonia's very first silk brand which was born to show of our love for this beautiful and natural material that has so many amazing properties. Our company's guiding principle is "Choose well and make it last".

100% natural silk

An amazing product starts from a high quality material and that is why we only use the best Mulberry Silk (silk weight 22 Momme or 19 Momme) that exhibits excellent durability. To make sure your beloved products last longer. It is STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX® certified.

Every item is unique

All Mulberry Silk products are designed in Estonia thinking of just you. We like simple and elegant style that goes well with silks timeless luxurious feel. We treasure that our design goes with a northern climate, keeping you warm in winter and cool in the summer.

Everyday luxury

Responsible consumption

Silkie is committed to ethical consumption. Leftover fabric cuts are being used to make smaller items for your delight as presents that will accompany your order during campaigns. Washing labels are made from recycled materials and we stay away from using plastic in our packaging. We are mindful of our environment and our legacy for the next generation.

Our promise

We do our outmost to deliver all your orders in timely manner. Our warehouse ships from Tallinn and all online orders are available for shipping straight away. For your convenience you can choose your pick-up locations. Browse our online shop and your favourites will be ready to be enjoy in a matter of days.

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Your feedback matters

We appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Let us know your thoughts so we can work hard on making you products you will love.

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